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We are offering a partial refund of $3 per order to qualified shares about this event on social media. Simply post about this event on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page, and receive $3 for the help.

Must be clear that you are attending this event.
Words to consider using:
- NutritionFacts(.org)
- Dr. Michael Greger
- How Not To Diet
- San Diego
- Event

Also valid: Sharing the event on FaceBook

You have full creative control of how you'd like to share that you got your ticket, or that you're going and excited to finally meet him, your favorite Greger story, or that the book coming out in December is gonna be great, etc.. 

**The point of this is that your friends/followers can hear that you're attending the San Diego Greger event. If you make a post about it or share the event, we'll issue you a $3 refund. No hard feelings if you don't want to. 

In order for us to verify, send the link to your social account page that has the post back to the order confirmation email. If your account is on private, Locvl Events will request access via in order to verify. Story posts do not count (they disappear too quick to verify).

Thanks for the help in spreading the word on this event!