Dr. Greger Event Parking & Location Info

Parking may take longer than expected due to a same night, same time SDSU basketball game - So please consider arriving an hour before event showtime.

On SDSU's Campus,
Parking Structure 12 is the best place to park:

- from i8-E/W
- exit College Ave. South
- make right turn onto Montezuma Rd.
- make right turn onto 55th St.
- make another right onto 55th St.
- first right onto Canyon Crest Drive
- structure is huge and quickly on left side.

Please tell the Parking Attendants that you are not there for the basketball game and instead for “How Not to Diet Book Tour” with Dr. Greger.**
Pay by using the kiosk located on the top level of P12 or by using the PaybyPhone App for $3 an hour. Please know that both the kiosk and the PaybyPhone App will require you to enter your license plate in order to purchase a permit. All permits from the kiosk and PaybyPhone App will be virtual and will not require a permit to be physically placed on the vehicle. The location code for P12 on the PaybyPhone App. is 28512 and this code is also posted at all entrances of P12.

-PayByPhone App Download Page Here-

More SDSU PayByPhone FAQ's here.

From P12, you can walk to the Arts & Letters building easily.

Arts & Letters on Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/iAGLHXJV6VoE6RjNA Either follow walking instructions on Google Maps, or you can use visual help from the below videos:

Parking Structure 12 on Google Maps :
(there is a cross walking bridge on level 3 of the structure)


Driving To Parking Structure 12 From i8 Freeway: 

Walking from Parking Structure 12 to Arts & Letters Building:


*You can drive right up to event building if you need to drop anyone off before parking.*

If Parking Structure 12 is full, use Parking Lot 15 as a back up.
There is a bit of an uphill walk if you have to park here.
The location code for P15 on the PaybyPhone App. is 28515 and this code is also posted at all entrances of P15.

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